I went to get my auto title transferred into my name at Ballard. I arrived at around 3:15 p.m. on a Saturday and there was no line (only one group in front of me already being serviced.) The staff member, WANIDA, helped me through the whole process in about 10-12 minutes. I had not filled out the Vehicle Title Application when I arrived, but I didn't need to. She filled it out on the computer for me and I only needed to sign a couple of signatures and that was it. She was polite, patient with my questions, and personable throughout the whole experience. At the end, I got the registration paper and my new plates (with the tabs already affixed on them) and off I went. (The title would follow in the mail in 8-10 weeks.) I paid $2 for an hour of curbside parking near the place in anticipation for the long process, but ended up using less than 1/3 of it. Great work Ballard, and thanks so much WANIDA for your help and friendly attitude.
Gave me the wrong plates for my registration. Created a HUGE mess the first time I was pulled over.
The ladies at this office are wonderful! They are always helpful and patient when explaining what info is needed.
I moved here from California and had to change my registration. I showed up at 9:55 on a Saturday (the place opens at 10). The line looked a little long, but it took me about 15 minutes to get through the entire process. I had my new Washington state license (can't get your car registered without it) the title to my car, and a photo of the milage on my car ready for review. The lady helping me was very nice and had me out w/in 5 minutes of reaching her cube. Overall, it was a great experience and allowed me to get on with my day.
I stopped by to confirm that my car registration tabs were indeed 450 bucks like the website said... sadly it was. If you pay in person there is a base fee for debit transactions and a 3% charge for credit card transactions. I decided to pay for my tabs online (here is no fee) and as soon as I hit he submit button, they were able to look up my transaction and give me my tabs. When I went there weren't many people so I was in and out. There is 30 minute free parking for Ballard licensing customers but make sure you look at the signs; its limited to certain parking spots.
Out of all the offices in the Seattle area, I find this one to be the quickest and have not-as-jaded employees. My husband and I are willing to drive pass several offices closer to home just to go to this office. This past week, WSDoL changed their software. It took them longer than normal to get up and running. Because of this, they apologize to customers regularly for the delay, as well as passed out chocolate and cups of water to those waiting in line. But the line continue to move. I think it took 30mins from start to finish. Pros: fast service, takes various CC (plus fee), answers phone calls, knowledgeable staff, open on Saturdays and for more hours Cons: don't have any?
Came here on the first day of new software and the staff was amazing. Rebecca kept me entertained and did absolutely everything she could to help me with my transfer of license out of state. The owner, Fred, even came and introduced himself to me and spent some time getting to know me. I will be a forever customer here now and highly recommend it!
These folks are great. Apparently I enjoy getting my tabs last minute. So when I'm almost out of time, I go online, get my tabs and walk over to Ballard Licensing to pick them up. It's just that simple. When I do drive there, there are some 30min free parking spots in the lot in back. Easy.